Google Ads (Formerly known as Google AdWords) Campaign Setup & Management

If you carried out a search for Google AdWords, then you probably have experience of them for a few years.  Google AdWords became Google Ads back in 2018, but they are still the same!

I still call them AdWords as well, I guess its going to take a while to re-train my brain to the new name.  But what hasn't changed is the way that I manage the ads.  I still make sure everything is in order before I launch a campaign, such as landing pages titles, speed load time, body text and the list goes on.

I have a great deal of experience with Google Ads and I continue to look after client accounts since I started website promotion back in 2006.

Years of experience

I have been looking after clients account since 2006.  You can verify this by taking a look at when I registered my website, or even look at a snap shot of different versions of my website.   You will see that the site has been consistently run my me, personally, over the years.

Paid Ads Expert

Fully qualified on Google Ads and MicroSoft ads since 2014. I have passed the Google Adwords exams (when Google was branding the ad service as Google AdWords) and also more recently, I have passed the Google Ads exam as well.

Ontime Delivery

I'll make sure your campaigns are launched on-time.  One pet hate that I had when I used to work at a search engine optimisation agency was the amount of work they would pile in my inbox each day.  There was never enough time to do a thorough job for each client before having to move on to the next one.  

I will allocate enough hours to your account to hit the targets we agree upon before signing off any campaigns.

Customer Support

I'm contactable on my local rate phone number or you can just send me an email.

Typical Google Ads CLIENT work carried out

Split testing of ads

Improve your click through rate and increase traffic with A/B testing

Campaign set up

Set up of a new ad campaign if one is not already existing

Creating Ad Copy

Working with the client in order to create new ads and get them signed off before launch


Monthly reports on clients paid search accounts

Bid management

Bid management to make sure clients accounts help drive KPIs (key performance indicators)

Keyword Research

Find the right keywords for clients accounts


Contact me from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

12b Lakeview, Furness Vale, High Peak, Derbyshire, SK23 7QD